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2019-07-07| Categories: views, info, design


During my PhD I used to have a bit more time and motivation to update my website with content relevant to my research and the teaching I did at the University. However, since I left academia, a lot of the work I am doing is sensitive or confidential and as a result I cannot share as much as I’d have liked to. This page is an effort to start sharing more on what I’ve been up to both at work and during my free time, as well as opinions on various matters.

No visitor tracking

Most websites, even some personal ones, monitor visitor statistics. This can include number of visits, unique visitors count, visitor IPs, ISPs and approximate geographic location. It is difficult to actually identify visitor names or addresses, however locations can be narrowed down to within a small town or specific neighbourhood of a city.

Although this is only mildly intrusive to our privacy, there is no good reason and several bad ones, to do it. Personally, I am ideologically opposed to monitoring visitor stats and will not be adding any type of monitoring widgets here or taking any other action to monitor the traffic of this website. It is sufficient for me if even one person finds this website useful.


For years I used iWeb for my website, but after it was discontinued I had to rebuild it in WordPress. Can’t say I was ever too happy with WordPress, but after I went through the painful experience of migrating the site to a new web hosting account, I decided enough is enough.

This version is build with Hugo and is a combination of two excellent templates, the Timer by Themefisher and the Academic by George Cushen. Both are amazing templates, the Academic is a well-established one for researchers and the Timer is just gordeous looking. However, neither was exactly what I wanted and I realised that I needed something in between, so I tried to combine them. With very limited time at my disposal and no working knowledge of javascript or css, I cobbled things together and the result is either the best from both worlds or a monstrosity. In any case, I will follow up with seperate post explaining more about how I combined the two templates and sharing the resulting one.

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Jul 7, 2019
views, info, design

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